Turn your sew on patch into an iron on...

February 22, 2018

PTL Studio patches are designed to be sewn on, but that isn't the only way you can attach your patches. For thicker materials it may be difficult to sew on unless you have a machine to help you, so I have included a piece of iron on adhesive (with instructions), with each patch.

Turning a sew-on patch into an iron on:

Simply place the patch right side down on the paper side. Lightly trace your patch, then cut out the shape, making sure the iron on material is slightly smaller then your patch.

Warm your iron to medium setting, no higher then 4. Place your patch ride side down on your ironing board of towel, place the iron on material adhesive side down so you are ironing the paper side(double checking that the iron on material is positioned so it is a tiny bit smaller then the patch.) Now press the paper backing into the patch in 2 second increments until the adhesive is attached to the patch. Let it cool down.

When you are ready to apply your patch remove the paper backing and place the patch where you would like to adhere it. Press the front of the patch for 8 second increments until secure. You can use a thin tea towel over the patch if you are concerned about discoloration from the iron. For thicker fabrics iron the backside an additional 2 to 5 seconds.

Happy Crafting!