Personal Projects...

July 18, 2017

Personal Projects...

I am usually chin deep in work or things for the kids that I rarely sit down and work on something purely for myself. A couple weeks ago though, I looked at my old chairs and decided that needed a bit of sprucing up before my husband and I hosted our first grown up dinner in the new house.

So I pulled out the old ruler and went to work measuring and blocking out a pattern.

Pattern for Dining Room Chair Covers

Remembered why I like using rolls of Kraft paper used for wrapping packages, when having to piece together 12 sheets of paper to make it large enough. Also learned to not try and mark the pattern onto my fabric when Shadow is in a playful mood.

Shadow the kitten being not so helpful.

The pattern needs some tweaking, would love to do a set in my Avocado print in blue and yellow, but they turned out really nice, and just in time for our dinner party. I will need to make more time for these personal projects.