October will be here before you know it...

May 24, 2018

October will be here before you know it...

Our family has been attending Geek Girl Con for several years now, and we plan for this year to be no different. The girls cosplay at least one day of the con, and each year they stretch their Costume Makers(aka Mom's) talents and resources. Last year I made my very first dressed for a Lillie(Pokemon), and a Sapphire(Steven Universe) cosplay.

This year the bar has been raised by the youngest pumpkin who wishes to cosplay as Nia in her Driver form from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Her sisters costumes have their own unique challenges, but Nia is a who new ballgame. Thankfully, she provided me with a full set of diagrams to help.

Well, I have my marching orders, lets get started!